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In an age when greetings are often delivered by text message, there's something both delightful and powerful in opening a beautiful personal envelope that's been couriered across the country, containing a little piece of art selected just for you.

The writing of personal notes on beautiful materials offers an experience that social media cannot equal. Sharing one’s truest thoughts and heartfelt emotions should involve ink touching stationary, emotions made tangible.

Picture a scene in Edwardian Harrogate where liveried butlers deliver personal notes between the affluent socialites in the health spas and hotels, the tennis clubs and botanical gardens. Inspired by these traditions, designed and printed locally, the Fox & Butler collections combine contemporary European styling with the very finest materials. Beautiful art, lustrous finishes, charming words on little keepsake notecards; luxuriously tactile with inner liners for personal messages.

Inspired by the colour and composition from the fashion houses of Paris, Milan and Florence, simply stated and elegant.

Beautiful typography, contemporary words of love and celebration for family and friends.

Historical natural history illustrations revisited with dramatic colour and outstanding print process.

Three collections from Fox & Butler of Harrogate, available together in an oak finish retail display.